By: Justin Shelby


Imagine two companies. Both of these companies teach people how to swim. Company A hires the best coaches, young Olympic swimmers, to help its clients. Company B hires local coaches. But after a while you notice something strange. The swimmers from Company A aren’t swimming as fast or as well as the swimmers from Company B. They don’t win as many prizes. The swimmers from company B are winning a lot of prizes and company B talks about them constantly. How can this be possible when the coaches of company A are better?

Then you find out that company B doesn’t take completely new swimmers. It mostly takes people who kind of know how to swim already. Often times it takes people who already know how to swim quite well. Many of the swimmers that enter the program of company B leave before they finish and never learn how to swim at all, but company B doesn’t talk about them.

Company A doesn’t just take new swimmers – it specifically recruits them because it doesn’t want people to drown. Every person who enters Company A’s program finishes. Some of them win prizes, some don’t, but every single one of them can swim.

Which company do you think does a better job? Which company cares more about its clients? Which company will do a better job with you? Do you understand?

Justin Shelby