Bedrock Invests In Our Students

Bedrock wants you to come out with more than just admission to your dream or most fit school

Bedrock began from the belief that we could change the way Vietnamese students think and learn. Our strategy is long-term. It is not just about getting you into an institution of higher education, but also helping you to succeed in life.

Part of that success might include your goal to work in the United States after graduation. While Bedrock cannot change the H1B employment cap, what we do know is that STEM majors, by and large, receive the majority of Optional Practical Training jobs after graduation as well as go on to receive over 60% of work authorization visas in the United States. Bedrock prepares Vietnamese for the true rigors of academia which will result in more well-rounded students who can socialize, convey ideas and in effect be stronger applicants to internships and potential jobs.

How to make students more well rounded and give them a stronger base of knowledge than pure test-taking skills? We create the conditions for minds to grow.


Every student will read a lot (which is why we give you an Amazon Kindle)

For students who want a preview of what intellectual engagement in college might really be like: we have an unusual culture. Bedrock is the only company in Vietnam where you can participate in classes on Ancient Greek, Latin, the Old Testament, R, and like subjects as part of your college prep experience. We hire an intellectually diverse group of people -- people who hate Trump and people who like Trump, people who are very gentle, and people who are very harsh, conservatives and liberals, poets and physicists (though we tend to not let physicists guide essays...). It makes for an interesting office life. All students receive and are expected to use an Amazon kindle fully stocked with texts ranging from Plato's Republic to St. Augustine to Nietzsche to JP Sartre to Harry Potter. Guided reading is a huge part of our program -- we use it to help students develop a strong writing style, but also as a means of creating intellectual growth for its own sake.

One of the ways students will increase their knowledge base is to: read, read and then read some more. Bedrock makes students read a lot. Over the course of their time at Bedrock, our goal is that every student reads more than 10,000 pages – or roughly 40 books. So we buy every student a Kindle and give them access to a library of thousands of books that are otherwise not available if you buy a Kindle individually.


Every student has access to our fellows to assist them with special projects

Past projects and endeavors we have invested time or space for student projects include:

  • An iPhone/Android application.

  • Hanoi Amsterdam’s S.O.S. Science Camp.

  • Professional motion picture productions, including a Netflix series shot in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities.

  • An automated plant watering and sunlight system.

  • Architectural model photography.