FAQs for Potential Students and Parents


1. Who runs Bedrock?

Bedrock is owned and operated by Justin (B.A., Classics, UChicago '10) and his wife Phuong (B.A. Economics, Mt. Holyoke '10). They moved to Hanoi from Chicago in 2013 and have been working in the industry, in various capacities, ever since.


2. What is your success rate?

We succeed when we help a student create an application that results in their admission to at least one college or university that also gives them enough scholarship money to enable their attendance. So far, this rate 100% for all students that have finished our program. That said, this number will not be 100% forever. We take risky students (students that we expect will have a hard time getting enough money to go to college because of extremely low family contributions or low academic performance). If this number doesn't drop in the next few years, it means that we're not trying hard enough to take the students who need the most help.


3. What happens if my son/daughter doesn't get accepted with enough scholarship money to actually attend school?

We get paid for results, not for best intentions: we would refund all your money. This is standard in all of our contracts.


4. Will by Child really get 1-on-1 attention?

Yes. We currently assign a maximum of 8 students to each counselor each season. We have arrived at this number by experimentation: 6 was too few, 10 was too many.

5. Why should we choose you and not another center?

It depends on the student.

For students who need a lot of scholarship money: we have had a lot of success working with students who have low EFCs and tend to welcome risky students that other organizations might turn away because of their low contributions or academic numbers.

For students who want ownership of their applications: we now carefully document the essay editing and counseling process to make sure that all the work we do is provably appropriate: there's no need to hide the fact that you worked with us, because it won't incriminate you. Our students even occasionally mention the work they do with us in their communications with admissions officers.

For students who want a preview of what intellectual engagement in college might really be like: we have an unusual culture. Bedrock is the only company in Vietnam where you can participate in classes on Ancient Greek, Latin, the Old Testament, R, and like subjects as part of your college prep experience. We hire an intellectually diverse group of people -- people who hate Trump and people who like Trump, people who are very gentle, and people who are very harsh, conservatives and liberals, poets and physicists (though we tend to not let physicists guide essays...). It makes for an interesting office life. All students receive and are expected to use a kindle fully stocked with texts ranging from Plato's Republic to St. Augustine to Nietzsche to JP Sartre to Harry Potter. Guided reading is a huge part of our program -- we use it to help students develop a strong writing style, but also as a means of creating intellectual growth for its own sake. So, many reasons for many different people.