What will you actually learn in college?

Why should you go to college in the U.S.? Why not go to Australia or Canada or China or Singapore or the Netherlands? What is it that makes American education distinctive? We want our students to get the most out of college but we fear that, because going to college is the default next step for so many successful high school students, many haven't really thought about how. This need for understanding is especially acute for students in the developing world, where even modest family contributions (in the 15k - 20k range) represent very large commitments of generational wealth. We want you to go to the US and we want you to get the kind of education that has made the US the number 1 destination for international students -- but we also want you to know what you're in getting into. Learn more about American education, here. [link]

Justin Shelby shares his thoughts about the value of the Anglo-American liberal arts tradition, the rewards of intense intellectual effort, the utility of honesty, humanity's prospects in space, and why it all matters… Oh and experiencing the sublime while reading poetry.

What is it like to study in America?

You may have a lot of questions:

  • How many international students are studying in America? Will I be isolated?

  • What is it like to study on a college campus?

  • Will I totally not be able to eat any Vietnamese food?

Well lucky for you, we have put together a little primer on just that subject.

The Common Application

OK, you know why you should go to college, and a little more about where you might want to go to college. Now you have to start thinking about your application to college. Getting all of your information right is essential — and it really isn’t even that hard. It is not even one of the reasons you need college counseling. Bedrock believes the real value in college counseling is in preparing you to find the right school for you. So here is our guide to the Common application.

Natural History Museum, New York

Natural History Museum, New York

A brief moment of patriotism by the beach

A brief moment of patriotism by the beach