Bedrock is the Δ


What’s the difference?

If you click on the image above you will see a sample of the results that make Bedrock different from other college counseling centers. Our students achieve measurably higher quality admissions offers and scholarships — we call this the Bedrock Δ.

Bedrock takes in students that meet our criterion that actually need and want educational counseling You might say: don’t all study abroad centers accept students that need and want educational counseling? To put it quite bluntly: no, they do not. Some centers just want to take your money. Some centers just admit students who are already academically successful, can pay full tuition, and then when those students get admissions into schools, those centers then tout the students’ successes as their own. Bedrock is opposed to this type of behavior, because it is disingenuous and goes against our mission.

Bedrock has a secret sauce, and here it is, because it cannot be easily copied:
We work with our students to improve their intellectual abilities, hone their academic interests, and help them engage in research projects and cultivate a better understanding of the American education system. We spend countless hours guiding students on their essays and other admissions criteria — but we do NOT write essays for them. We help them develop college capacities before they even get to college.