• We help students create excellent college applications by giving them the tools to find and then articulate their interests and values.


Director Justin working with students in 2016.




The “shields and seals” wall representing the almae matres of our fellows

  • Our fellows are all native English-speakers and graduates from the some of the best schools in the world.

  • We preferentially recruit counselors who have expertise in the humanities and the social sciences. Having a degree from an excellent school isn't enough to be a good essay counselor; literary expertise is required, we recruit and train such expertise in house.

  • At Bedrock, you will own your essay and all your application materials. Your progress is thoroughly tracked so that you, your parents, admissions officers, or any other interested party can audit your work for integrity. Our processes allow you to prove your innocence.

  • We limit the number of students per counselor to ensure quality.

  • We follow your progress after the application is complete to ensure your long-term success.

  • We have helped our students earn more than 6 million in scholarships.

We believe in giving you information that everyone should know, please check out our primer to the COMMON APP below.